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Ontario’s ethanol and animal feed production plant: Aylmer, ON, IGPC

Farming is a way of life. IGPC Feeds started as a way for farmers to have more control over their own crops, and to keep their produce and employment within the community.

And that’s what the Integrated Grain Processing Cooperative still stands for: you.

In 2002, a small group of corn farmers started with an idea. In Brantford, Ontario, farmers wanted to have more agency with their own produce, and supported by federal and provincial loans they set that dream in motion. Today there are over 900 investors: half being local or regional farmers, and half being from agriculture-related industries.

Solving the problem of dependable distribution for local corn crops, and providing high-protein, nutritious feed supplements for livestock in return, IGPC Feeds continues to grow and become more efficient. We are the only plant in Ontario that can produce Hi-Protein feed thanks to technology unique to us.

No matter how much we expand, we keep our founding principles at the core of everything we do: local empowerment, community support, and quality products.

In 2006, IGPC Feeds moved to Elgin County, just outside of Aylmer, because it was a welcoming community looking for a new business to support the town’s economy and culture.

We started with 15 million bushels of local corn, creating 150,000 tonnes of dried distillers’ grain (DDGs), as well as 160 million litres of ethanol. And in 2012, the cooperative was ready for its first expansion. We continue to expand every year, changing to best fit farmer’s needs while keeping our values at the core.

Now located in the heart of Ontario’s grain corn production area, we are reliable, local, and always close enough to deliver fast.

From the beginning, IGPC Feeds’ goal has been to support Ontario Agriculture. We want to keep the rural economy vibrant, growing, and sustainable. Through ongoing investments and a continued commitment to our agricultural roots, we continue to drive growth for our clients, the agricultural sector, and southwestern Ontario.

Being a co-op makes us understand our people:

We were founded as a cooperative, and today those roots keep our business strong and grounded. We’ve dedicated ourselves to listening to farmers, their needs, and made sure we provide everything to keep customers coming back happy, again and again.

With IGPC Feeds, you can be confident that you’re not just a number. You speak to real people who know what they’re talking about, and yes, you can call them by name.
We’ve got that small-town touch that’s never lost, no matter how big we grow to be able to meet Ontario’s expanding needs.

Things are meant to be kept simple, which is why IGPC Feeds centres itself everyday around the principles of keeping community culture strong, and business democratic. It’s also why we constantly invest in ways to become a no-waste company: IGPC Feeds already has the best carbon intensity score in Ontario, and recycles almost all of the water it uses.

We believe you have to invest in the future you want to see, and our cooperative background ensures that we support and give back to our community. That’s the reason we’re in it: to make sure our customers always find what they’re looking for.


Corn from our lands

We use over 43 million bushels of corn annually, and represent over ⅓ of Southern Ontario’s ethanol production – and that corn is grown locally.

IGPC Feeds buys the equivalent of 50% of the surrounding county’s corn production, putting money back into the community that we serve.

The grains that you grow deserve to be treated with respect, and we leave no quality part behind. Not only do we produce ethanol, contributing to a greener future, but we continuously innovate to add value to every single kernel that comes through our plant. This means that we create larger markets for your produce, making your fields a stronger commodity.

Every product we sell is enjoyed by Ontario’s livestock, in high protein, corn oil, or DDGS feed.
When you feed your animals IGPC Feeds, you know it’s made close to home.

Droplet, corn, and the sun: our logo represents…

Our logo comprises the two parts of IGPC: ethanol, and feed production.
The droplet shape represents a drop of ethanol, a renewable biodiesel that we are proud to produce from and for the Ontario market.
Part of the droplet is in the shape of a kernel of corn, representing our production of high quality, well-priced feed for a range of healthy livestock.
Tying the two together is an image of a field, showing our dedication and to the farmers that invested in, started, and currently work for and with IGPC.

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